Issue Notification plugin for Redmine

Plugin that sends repeated notifications to all the members involved in a project.

Screenshots: https://projects.rosedu.org/attachments/download/211/redmine_issue_notification_screenshots_.zip

Latest Archive: https://projects.rosedu.org/attachments/download/210/redmine_issue_notification_br_tudor_.zip

Installation HOWTO: https://projects.rosedu.org/projects/redmine-issue-notif/wiki/Wiki

Note that by typing

git clone http://git.rosedu.org/redmine_issue_notification.git

you enter the master branch by default.
To enter br_tudor branch, you need to do:
cd redmine_issue_notifications
git checkout origin/br_tudor

Issue tracking

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Manager: Tudor Cornea
Reporter: Răzvan Deaconescu